For Future Generations: A History of The Museum

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For Future Generations: A History of the Museum of Flight

The history of the Museum is full of surprises. The story has the twists and turns of an aerobatic demonstration. Over 50 years, there have been bold proposals, risky deals, imaginative concepts, valuable acquisitions, good days and bad, with a few magical moments. Involved are characters who could play successfully in the best of fiction.

What is often called the "Boeing" Museum of Flight is not an industrial museum by any stretch, nor was it funded by one big check. The real story is much richer. It starts in a landfill and ends with one of the finest flight museums in the world. Of course, this is just a good beginning. The Epilogue reveals the lessons learned along the way - by chance, cleverness, or hard knocks - and thoughts about its future.

It is the intent of the storytellers to shed a bright light on a beloved institution. The history of the Museum is a fascinating story and an adventure in planning and building that is important to the history of Seattle.

  • Author: Howard Lovering
  • Page Count: 392
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