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Instrument Flying Handbook

Instrument Flying Handbook

The Essential Flight Log

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The Essential Flight Log

The Essential Flight Log is a comprehensive and adaptable workbook for tracking passenger flights on all aircraft types - commercial, vintage, government/military, and general aviation.

Rather than using a traditional logbook format, this new, functional design allows you to quickly enter your flight data in 33 large fields and checkboxes.

Whether you are a first-time flier, a multi-million-miler, or keeping track of your children's first trips, The Essential Flight Log will be a valuable tool for managing your time aloft and will provide a written record of the trips you've taken and the aircraft you've flown on.

The Essential Flight Log features:

  • A total of 64 pages, with fields to enter data for 150 flights
  • Suggestions for using your logbook, accompanied with examples from actual flights
  • An easy-to-use format that also works well with computer-based logbooks
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