Rocket Science: A Beginner's Guide to Spaceflight

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Rocket Science: A Beginner's Guide to the Fundamentals of Spaceflight

Sometimes it takes a rocket scientist to offer young readers the most engaging introduction to space travel, the solar system, and the universe.

Earth’s gravity keeps our feet on the ground, and also prevents us from soaring into space. So how do we explore that vast frontier? We use rockets! Discover how rockets work—from staging to orbits to power generation, from thermal control to navigation and more. Learn how rockets and other spacecraft travel to and explore the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and beyond. Speculate about the future of space exploration—and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. In a guide ideal for aspiring rocket engineers, planetary scientists, and others who love learning about space exploration, Galen Frazer’s distinctive yet accessible illustrations pair perfectly with Andrew Rader’s straightforward text, together taking readers to the edge of our knowledge of space travel.

  • Author: Andrew Rader
  • Reading Level: 10 years and older
  • Page Count: 64 pages
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