Awesome Space Tech: 40 Amazing Infographics

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Awesome Space Tech: 40 Amazing Infographics for Kids

Space may be the "final frontier"--but how do we learn about it, look deeper into it, and live in it? The infographics in this book will rocket you through a universe of powerful telescopes, distant probes, and high-speed spacecraft. Get ready to buzz by comets, land on alien planets, peer into the universe's past, and go where no one (except a handful of rovers and space probes) has gone before! We live in a complicated cosmos, but this book breaks down the complex, the confusing, and the downright kooky to reveal the fascinating details and hidden wonders that are out of this world.
  • Authors: Jenn Dlugos and Charlie Hatton
  • Reading Level: 9-12 years
  • Page Count: 80
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