Airbus A320NEO 1:150 Model

Airbus A320NEO 1:150 Model

Airbus A320neo 1:150 Model

Recognized as one of the best-selling airliners of all time, the Airbus A320 is a narrow-body, twin engine jet that went into service in 1988 as an innovative pioneer with technologically advanced digital fly-by-wire side stick controls and is typically configured to fly 150 to 186 passengers over short to medium distances.

Utilized around the world by low-cost operators and mainline carriers alike to fly to all types of destinations in all types of environments, including short, urban runways, hot, dry deserts, icy Antarctic landing sites and remote high-altitude airports, the cockpit of the Airbus A320 shares commonality with the Airbus A319, A320 and A321, enabling pilots to not only readily change from one aircraft to another as needed with a Common Type Rating, they can even easily step up to widebody Airbus aircraft, making it easier for airlines to deploy flight crews with greater flexibility.

Based on the previous A320 family, which includes the A319, A320 and A321, Airbus released a more efficient version of the current Airbus A320 (which it has renamed the A320ceo, for "current engine option"), the Airbus A320neo, for "new engine option," which offers better fuel economy, greater flight range and a few other differences and improvements.

  • 1:150 scale
  • Length: 9.8125 inches
  • Wingspan: 9.6875 inches
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